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Posted on September 26, 2006. Filed under: English |

When searching for a name for this blog, I remembered one of the most often mused/misused sentence I have ever heard during my corporate life : "You see what I mean ?". Usually ponctuating a complex or incomplete explanation, it is the corporate equivalent of "whatever". When you hear it you know you won't get the information you need to complete the knowledge transfer and to make your descision, do what you've just been ordered to, …
Our organisations live in a constantly transforming environment, celebrating reaction speed and targeted actions as vertues, and they need univoqual and impactful communication tools.
The rapid development of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), the development of design, display and print techniques, open up a whole new set of ways to express and transfer one's ideas and knowledge.
Design's processes and techniques applied to the visual representation of informations but also ideas, concepts and more globally knowledge, renew the need for a visual language to complement the verbal language to synthesize complex information and facilitate its understanding. It is even more valuable to think about new products or services, make implicit opinions or knowledge explicit, accelerate adhesion and projection into a new company vision, provide key infoirmation in the decision making process, …
Knowledge Design as we call it (or "Design des Connaissances" ® in French, our native language) goes a lot further than Information Visualization as a simple graphic representation of large data sets, and becomes necessary in building and implementing innovation strategies in the XXIst century.


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