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Hello world!

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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Pictures, identity and privacy : a sociological research and a game

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We used to “Google” someone, now we “Facebook” him/her. Pictures tell so much more about the person than a few words here and there. A sentence taken out of its context can be misunderstood, one could have been careless, tricked or just tired, and said a few words that went further than what was intended. Almost anybody would agree, at least the tolerant ones 😉

But what about pictures, pictures of you taken by others (and not “Photoshopped” of course), or pictures you’ve taken, and which end up online ? How far would you go in exposing yourself, voluntarily or even “unvolontarily” (if someone took a picture of you doing something that society usually condemns, by habit, morale, if not legally) ?

Sociogeek was developped to try and understand the behaviors of Internet users in the social media / web2.0 era. This study uses a game-like online survey (in French, using the new and powerful Flash CMS from SpinMedias) to help you and the researchers understand how you act. The results will be shared publicly. This research is a joint program by :


Here are the results of my test :

My Sociogeek survey results

What about you ?

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Maps and metaphors : a love story between the web and the metro

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Once again the metro / subway / underground metaphor to map websites and blogs. Here is the recent (Sept 2008) creation of Claude Aschenbrenner (Serial-Mapper blog), and maps his selection of visual thinkers blogs, in France and abroad. Thank you Claude for including me in such a nice company (between E. Tufte and J. Veronis) !!

by blog name :

Map of visual thinkers blogs by url

by blogger’s name :

Map of visual thinkers blogs by name

The PDF version of the map is interactive, each node is clickable to access directly the blog on internet, it was done using Adobe Illustrator after collecting all blog urls and sorting them in a MindMap using Mindomo.

Using the metro metaphor, you remember the famous web2.0 map from the Japanese agency Information Architects (updated 2008) :

Information Architects web2 map

The other metaphor often used to map a web territory is the planisphere (see my previous article), and the last good examples I’ve seen were the ones from :


Map of online communities


Map of the internet


  • designer Christophe Druaux (blog Oui Non) for his detailed (subjective but with heavy number crunching) maps of the French “blogarchie” (2007 edition) and Forums

Map of the French blogarchie


Map of the French forums


And last but not least, a more artistic version by Berling artist eBoy, using the city and pixelart to present web2.0 services :

eBoy FooBar poster


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